HVAC the GEA PHE Systems range makes sure that you never break a sweat
Paper We understand the difficulties involved in handling high-viscosity fiber-loaded raw materials.
Marine Oour plate heat exchangers are used to cool ship engines and machinery
Power Be sure to reach it with the high-efficiency plate heat exchangers from GEA PHE Systems
Sugar We sweeten your production: with EVAPplus high-performance plate
Food Your customers expect you to supply hygienically faultless and cost-effective products.
Renewable Energy Full speed into the future. Biofuels are renewable, don't harm the environment, replace fossil fuels and reduce the greenhouse effect.
Refrigeration Vversatile and reliable plate heat exchangers for all your refrigeration needs from GEA PHE Systems.
Chemical Industry To ensure that everything functions perfectly, we offer precise control and  safety for your critical processes. Your solutions remain safely in our hands.
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