Separator คือเครื่องแยกกากกับน้ำและน้ำมัน โดยมีแกนในแนวตั้ง Separator มี Disk Stack ตรงกลางซึ่งมีช่องว่างที่เล็กมาก สินค้าที่เข้าควรจะผ่านการกรองมาก่อน และมีขนาดไม่เกิน 0.5 mm  ตรงนี้ทำให้การใช้งานของ Separator ส่วนใหญ่ solid content จะไม่สูงมากและผลที่ได้ ปริมาณ solid content จะน้อยกว่า 1 เปอร์เซน   Separator ใช้หลักการเหวี่ยงหนีศูนย์กลาง โดยของแข็งจะเคลื่อนที่ออกไปด้านผิวนอกสุดและจะถูกดึงออกไปก่อนโดยระบบ Automatic Discharge ระบบ double piston discharge ของ HAUS สามารถ sludge solid ออกไปได้ด้วยแรง centrifugal force และ water pressure, discharge time ใช้เวลาแค่ 1/10 วินาที ใช้เวลาน้อยมากเพื่อไม่ให้ liquid ออกไปด้วย

A self-cleaning high speed disc stack separator comprises a rotating assembly operating at high speed, a drive mechanism  and a cast base frame. The disc stack separator meets the needs of modern industrial processes by achieving a continuous mechanical separation of liquids and solids relying on the differential densities and specific gravities.  It has been designed for the clarification of liquids and capture of solids in a liquid/solid mixture, a two phase separation. Where two liquids and also solids are to separated from each other this can be achieved by configuring the separator for three phase separation. The disc stack separator achieves the separation using very high centrifugal force applied continuously during processing. Solids having a higher density than the liquid gravitate to the outer surface of the rotating assembly under the influence of very high centrifugal force where they accumulate, while  fluids having lower density  form separate layers towards the inside. Where the two fluids meet is called  interface area and this can be readily adjusted according to the mixture.

The function of the disc stack is to provide a very large surface area where the separation takes place.  The layout, shape and design of the disc stack allows the separation of liquids to take place.  The solids  collect at the solids holding space by centrifugal force and are discharged intermittently under program control.

The separated liquid(s) travel up the discs to a special separation disc and this finally completes the separation before each of the two phases are expelled by a centripetal pump or by gravity, depending on the design

Disc Stack Separators are used for;

• Separation of solids from liquids 

• Separation of liquids from solids 

• Dewatering biomass and suspensions 

• Solids capture • Extraction of valuable products

Precision Engineering Solutions

Material Quality All parts which are directly in contact with the product are manufactured in Duplex Stainless Steel. The bowl parts are forged to highest standards and this results in a seamless bowl design and a structure that eliminates micro cracks. Desludging The captured  solid particles are discharged at intervals at full operating bowl speed. Depending on the machine model,  full or partial discharges are performed by a hydraulic function that opens and closes the bowl. Drive Mechanism The rotating assembly  is driven by an inverter controlled electric motor and a belt or gear driven spindle assembly coupled to the motor.  The rotation speed is adjusted through the control panel.  Anti-vibration mounts are fitted to the base frame which is bolted to floor to reduce vibration and noise. Lubrication The bearings and gears are independently lubricated from a single oil sump. Frame The lower and upper frames are manufactured by high quality casting. Depending on the application the frame can also be manufactured with  stainless steel cladding. Clean In Place (CIP) The separators can be equipped with CIP system as an option.


All  functions of the separator are executed by a PLC controller.  The  machine operating parameters and any malfunctions or alarms can be monitored  through the operator panel display. Advantages

- Optimal separation - High performance/ price ratio - Trouble free operation

Expertise in New Processes

Disc Stack Separators provide ideal solutions for many different processes and industrial applications. In case studies performed jointly with our customers and research groups, many manufacturing processes have been developed and optimized for various new and exciting products.

Many successful collaborations have started at the HAUS laboratory where product samples and process data are analyzed and the appropriate equipment and system solutions are proposed.  On-site tests and trials are performed using our fleet of mobile units to prove the processes at production scale.

The laboratory analysis not only looks at the separation characteristics of the product but also the abrasive and corrosive properties of  product concerned. This, along with particle size distribution, density and viscosity enable HAUS technical experts to configure the ideal disc stack separator with the appropriate wear protection.

ATEX (Ex-Proof) Disc Stack Separator

ATEX disc stack separators are designed for the processing of potentially flammable and combustible products. The working principle is to inject an inert gas into the separator and expelling any oxygen from the separator.  


This means that combustion is impossible making the  processing of flammable combustible and explosive products safe and  practicable. 

The control  panel handles the distribution of the inert gas in predetermined quantities into the separator chambers where dynamic seals are fitted. All electrical equipment and connections are ATEX certified.

ATEX disc stack separators have been designed  for these typical applications:

• Organic, inorganic and petrochemical processing. • Pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology • Extraction processes • Mineral processes